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Putting One Health into Practice: A Call to Action for Animal Health

About the Event

Today, more than 75% of all new human infectious diseases emerge from animals.

The devastating health, social and economic consequences of COVID-19 have focussed the world’s attention on the growing threat from zoonoses (infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans). COVID-19 is the starkest example to date of why we must invest in animal health to prevent another pandemic. We are only strong as our weakest health system.

COVID-19 joins a long list of zoonotic diseases including rabies, Ebola, SARS, and avian influenza that have killed millions of people.

Governments and international agencies must recognise that the health of people and our planet depends on respecting the complex relationships that we have with animals we rely upon every day of our lives. Now, more than ever, animals and the health systems that protect them are vital to the security and economic and social well-being of humanity.

This event is an official launch of the Action for Animal Health coalition, which calls for more investment in animal health to protect animals, people and the planet. It will feature members of the A4AH coalition and other distinguished speakers.

Event Details

Date and time:
20 May 2021, 12 – 1 pm (UK time)

Virtual: Zoom Link
Passcode: 682161

Action for Animal Health coalition

This is a free event held back to back with the OIE General Assembly and the World Health Assembly.

Who Should Attend

Individuals and organisations working in human health, animal health, One Health or environmental issues:

  • OIE General Assembly delegates
  • International NGOs and civil society organisations
  • International institutions with a health remit
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Government ministries
  • Media​


Moderator: Katie Husselby, Coordinator at Action for Global Health

Keynote speaker: Professor David Heymann, Distinguished Fellow, Global Health Programme, Chatham House

Organisers: Action for Animal Health coalition (the event is administered by Brooke, one of the members)

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