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Pandemic treaty: coalition’s recommendations to Member States and the INB

Governments are preparing to negotiate a historic global treaty to protect the world from future pandemics.

Last year’s special World Health Assembly agreed that the new accord will focus on early detection and prevention of pandemics, as well as the “One Health” approach (which recognises the links between human, environmental and animal health). An Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) will convene imminently to begin the long process of establishing an accord.

But this ambition will fail if the negotiations miss the urgent need to invest in animal health services in low and middle income countries.

Action for Animal Health has prepared recommendations for member states and INB to ensure the accord addresses prevention of zoonotic disease and involves civil society from human health, animal health and environmental health in the negotiations.

Read our recommendations to the INB (Eng)

Read our recommendations to Member States (Eng) (Fra)

In this op-ed, Frances Goodrum (Brooke) and Dr Patricia Turner (World Veterinary Association) highlight why pandemic prevention won’t succeed without better animal health services.

Image: Brooke (C)